The Teachers Health Care Coordination Program has been designed to help individuals with complex and/or chronic health issues to manage their health.

A dedicated Care Coordinator from Hunter Primary Care will work in collaboration with a client’s GP and any other primary health care providers to support clients by:

  • Providing health coaching, education and skills to help clients better manage their health
  • Setting achievable health goals and creating an action plan to help clients attain them
  • Encouraging clients to self-monitor and manage any health conditions
  • Helping clients understand and navigate the health system.

This program does not replace the advice and support of a client’s doctor as our Care Coordinators work closely with client’s doctors to ensure the client understands and follows all professional medical advice provided by their medical practitioner.

The Care Coordination Program is offered to Teachers Health Fund members at no additional cost. However, costs will be incurred for any supplementary support that is not included as part of this program.

For details about this program view our Care Coordination brochure.