Yudhilidin, an Indigenous word meaning guidance, is a recovery-oriented care coordination service to help Indigenous people navigate the health system with the aim of accessing support services for mental and social wellbeing.

The Care Coordinators of Yudhilidin will:

  • Assist people to access support from a GP and other health and mainstream services
  • Increase people’s capacity to maintain supportive relationships and manage their own health journey
  • Provide support to family members and carers
  • Establish links to a network of specialist and mainstream support systems within the Hunter community

If you or someone you know identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and is experiencing severe mental health needs, retreating from social gatherings or is having problems with drugs and alcohol contact our team today.

For further details about this program, read our brochure: Yudhilidin – Guiding your way back to wellbeing.

Contact our Yudhilidin Team Today

For more information and to make a referral contact Yudhilidin on 1300 656 608 or email yudhilidin@hunterprimarycare.com.au.

Alternatively, complete the below online referral form and we will call you back for further details.

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