Building Capacity through Specialised Support coordination

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Accessing and navigating the NDIS can at times be difficult and frustrating for many, particularly if you or someone you […]

Accessing and navigating the NDIS can at times be difficult and frustrating for many, particularly if you or someone you care for have complex needs that require a high level of support.

Hunter Primary Care is a registered NDIS provider and has been providing health and well-being services to the community for almost 30 years. We pride ourselves as being experts in NDIS Support Coordination and have recently become accredited in providing Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination services.

Under the capacity building program, a Hunter Primary Care NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator works one on one with participants and their healthcare and support team to not only navigate the system and access health services, but to also assist their formal and informal supports to develop a greater understanding of the aspects that may affect the participants overall health and wellbeing.

"We are in a unique position to be able to deliver Specialist Support Coordination to the community," Claudine Ford, Care Coordination Manager, Hunter Primary Care, said.

"We are experts in NDIS Support Coordination and have a strong understanding of both the NDIS and health system. We have developed a strong network of trusted health professionals but also have the clinical knowledge and are able to interpret information for all involved in the participant's care, whether it be family members and carers or professionals to ensure the participant needs are at the centre of any decision. It's fantastic to see that health supports are being recognised alongside disability supports as being necessary to meeting a participant's health and wellbeing goals. In the same way that our regular Support Coordination services help to bring a participants plan to life by connecting participants to providers, Specialist Support Coordination helps to achieve the same goal by addressing more complex support needs within a specific discipline."

Since becoming accredited to provide Level 3 services, our dietitian has been able to consult and collaborate with a participant needing to manage their weight prior to surgery, a procedure required to achieve long-term health goals.

"Tim* has a diagnosis of schizophrenia along with several other health concerns, as well as a low literacy level which limits his understanding on how to manage his needs. His obesity management is intricately linked with his schizophrenia diagnosis, including anti-psychotic medication use and associated inability to comprehend and manage health information," the dietitian said.

Building capacity with Tim's service providers has helped to ensure that recommendations from our dietitian can be successfully implemented. His social supports now have an understanding of how to assist Tim make informed decisions while supporting him to maintain his choice and right to experience all that life has to offer.

"By managing challenges in a supportive environment, backed with clinical expertise, we are able to ensure a consistent delivery of services and understanding of the participant by all members of the support team," the dietitian said. "In doing so, participants can work towards achieving their own individual goals and overall NDIS plan objectives so that Specialist Support Coordination may no longer be necessary."

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