Guiding Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people back to wellbeing

Yudhilidin is focused on recovery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with significant mental health issues.

A Yudhilidin Care Coordinator will help you navigate the health system and get support. They will connect you with services who will work with you to achieve your recovery goals.

Yudhilidin, an Indigenous word meaning guidance.

If you, or someone you know, identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander experiencing mental health issues which impact on their daily life contact our Yudhilidin team today.

How we can help

Our Yudhilidin Care Coordinators will:

  • help you get support from a GP and other services
  • support you to maintain supportive relationships and manage your own health journey
  • provide support to family members and carers.

How to refer

Referrals to Yudhilidin are available by self-referral and professional referral.

For more information on this service or, please contact our referral team on (02) 4925 2259 or email yudhilidin@hunterprimarycare.com.au