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Helping you to address and manage mild and moderate misuse of alcohol and other drugs

Are you aged 16 or over and are concerned about your alcohol consumption or other drug use?

In Australia, only half of the people that experience mild to moderate mental health symptoms (including alcohol and drug misuse) in their lifetime will access treatment. There are several reasons why people may not wish or be able to access treatment, including:

  • Lack of access to community services
  • Lack of transport
  • Motivational issues (not ready or willing to access face-to-face treatment)
  • Being worried about the stigma associated with drinking or drug misuse
  • Lack of flexibility/convenience

MindReach is a free service provided by Hunter Primary Care that can help you build skills to manage your drug and alcohol misuse, as well as any other mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression.

MindReach is delivered in a series of workbooks that are tailor-made to help you address your drug and alcohol misuse as well as co-existing mental health symptoms. You will receive regular contact and support whilst you receive these workbooks. If at any stage you require more support, you will be transferred to one our experienced psychologists for face-to-face therapy.

For more information about our drug and alcohol services, please contact the Drug and Alcohol Counselling Services team on (02) 4925 2259 or email info@hunterprimarycare.com.au

How to refer

Referrals to Hunter Primary Care Drug and Alcohol Counselling Services are available by self-referral and professional referral.