NDIS Support Coordination

What is support coordination?

At Hunter Primary Care, your Support Coordinator will connect you with the services you need to get the most out of your NDIS plan. You may need help to work through the stages of planning, arrange appointments to meet service providers and to manage your NDIS budget.

This process can often be daunting, but our NDIS team has the skills and experience to guide you through the complexity and confusion so that you can achieve your goals. We are your partner on your NDIS journey. Our focus is on you.

Your Support Coordinator will:

  • Work with you to understand your NDIS plan, your needs and goals and supports available
  • Connect you with local services providers that are right for you
  • Provide you with the skills, informed choice and control to give you confidence so you can build your independence and increase community participation
  • Support you to establish service agreements with your providers
  • Assist with and resolve any issues with service providers
  • Work with your support network and your health team

Am I eligible for Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is a specific part of an NDIS plan that helps you make the most of NDIS funds. Support Coordination will be available in a plan if the NDIS determines that you will find it challenging to find the right supports and services; or if extra help will help you to manage your service providers more easily. Support Coordination is something that you can ask for during the planning process if you need this type of support.

You may require Support Coordination assistance for various reasons including:

  • A disability may affect your ability to communicate clearly, or you may be living with many disabilities;
  • You may experience learning/comprehension difficulties;

If you are eligible for Support Coordination, the service will be listed under the Support Category ‘Improved Life Choices’ in an NDIS plan. The section will clearly state that funds have been delegated to ‘Coordination of Supports’ and a total dollar figure will also be provided.

What levels of Support Coordination does Hunter Primary Care offer?

Hunter Primary Care offers two levels of Support Coordination in an NDIS plan.

Level 2 Support Coordination - is a level of support to establish contact with providers and organise routines and appointments. Level 2 Support Coordination may include:

  • Arranging appointments for you to meet service providers before making a decision which will suit your needs and  then ensuring that the service agreement, routines and budgets are followed
  • Helping you to understand your first NDIS plan and preparing for the next plan
  • Ensuring the best experience and outcomes by using your plan funds correctly.

Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination - is a high level of support to help participants with complex circumstances. Specialist Support coordination is time-limited and in exceptional circumstances and services may include:

  • An Occupational Therapist to coordinate services to ensure that a patient discharged from hospital has the necessary care and support to implement changes to your lifestyle and home environment. This service supports high-risk situations to address barriers and reduce complexity in environment, assisting to connect with supports, build capacity and resilience.

How do I nominate Hunter Primary Care for Support Coordination?

Once you choose Hunter Primary Care for Support Coordination and your referral form has been completed, it can be sent through to the Support Coordination team. This will provide us with an understanding of the level of supports and services that you will need. Our Support Coordinators will then contact you (within 2 days of referral) and arrange a meeting (within the next 5 days). If you are unable to complete your referral, contact the Support Coordinations team on (02) 4925 2259.

Contact our NDIS team today

If you are an eligible participant with an existing plan and you would like to nominate Hunter Primary Care for Support Coordination contact the NDIS Intake team on (02) 4925 2259 or email a copy of your NDIS plan and completed referral form to NDIS@hunterprimarycare.com.au

You can also complete our online NDIS Referral Form.

Hunter Primary Care Support Coordination FAQs