Aboriginal Health services

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience far worse health outcomes than other Australians and this presents a challenge in the delivery of health services to our population over a large geographic area.

Hunter Primary Care receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Department of Health and Human Services to provide a variety of health and wellbeing services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Self-Identification: Support mainstream primary care services to encourage Aboriginal people to self-identify thereby increasing their access to mainstream primary care services;
  • Cultural Training: Improve the capacity of general practice to deliver culturally sensitive primary care services;
  • Health Check 715: Increase the uptake of Indigenous-specific MBS items including 715 health checks; and
  • Care Coordination and Supplementary Service: Foster collaboration and support between mainstream primary care and the Indigenous health sectors.