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Hunter Psychosocial Support Service

Assisting people with severe mental illness build daily living skills and connect with services

Our Hunter Psychosocial Support Service (HPSS) aims to assist people with severe mental illness, who have reduced psychosocial function and are not eligible for assistance through the NDIS to build daily living skills and connect with services based on their goals.

While the NDIS provides comprehensive support for the majority of people with severe mental illness, you might not meet the NDIS criteria but may still benefit from specialised psychosocial support at certain times.

How will HPSS help me?

Our Skills Facilitators can help you identify and work towards your goals in one of the following key areas :

  • Social skills and friendships
  • Vocational skills and goals
  • Educational and training goals
  • Maintaining physical wellbeing
  • Managing daily living needs
  • Building life skills
  • Family connections
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Finding and maintaining a home
  • Managing drug and alcohol addictions (including tobacco)

Your Skills Facilitator will work with you to develop a Capacity Action Plan which will include your goals, strategies and support systems. A Mentor or  Peer Worker will assist you to implement  your Capacity Action Plan by working alongside you to build your skills and community connections.

Am I eligible?

Our HPSS Service is available to people with a severe mental illness who:

  • Live or work in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter and Mid Coast regions*.
  • Have an associated level of reduced psychosocial functional capacity
  • Are not eligible for assistance through the NDIS
  • Are not currently receiving support through NPS - Extension or Continuity of Support (previously known as Partners in Recovery (PIR))
  • Are not a client of Community Living Support (CLS) or Housing and Support Initiative (HASI)

*Services in the Mid Coast region will be provided by Flourish Australia.

How to refer

Referrals to HPSS are available by self-referral and professional referral.

For more information about our Hunter Psychosocial Support Service, contact the HPSS team on (02) 4925 2259 or email